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R&D Scientist
Rakuten, Inc.
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Position Summary:
[Introduction of Rakuten Institute of Technology]
Rakuten Institute of Technology is R&D division of Rakuten group. We create a vision anticipating trends of the world centering on the Internet in the near future, provide critical insights and develop exciting, new business services by focusing on technologies R&D members have strong interest in.
[Apply for our R&D organization]
We are looking for members who are passionate and motivated to develop new technology solutions for expanding Rakuten's service. Successful candidates are as follows;

  • A person who explores deep into their area of expertise and delivers output with value
  • A person having both long-term vision and the ability to respond to short-term goal of the company flexibly
  • A person capable of analyzing new types of data, producing new value
  • A self-motivated person who always seek to improve themselves, and can collaborate with colleagues to create outputs that cannot be achieved by individually

"Research and core technology development for big data analytics"
Rakuten operates many large-scale services producing big data such as Rakuten ICHIBA, Card, Travel, Securities, Bank, etc. We believe analyzing such big data and leverage them is essential for our businesses.
In this position, you are expected to utilize your expertise on following R&D areas to provide cutting edge solutions or core technologies for big data analytics.
R&D Areas:

  • Machine Leaning, Deep Learning
  • Data Mining, Text Mining, Web Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Graph Analysis, Social Graph
  • Recommender Systems, User Behavior Analytics
  • Financial Engineering, Analysis on Financial Data
  • Large-scale Data Processing
  • Statistics


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Solid programming such as Python, Java, C++
  • Unix Experience
  • Master's or Doctoral degree in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related filed
  • Good communication skill


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in designing Machine Learning algorithm
  • Experience in working in applying Machine Learning to solve complex problems
  • Experience with Machine Learning/Deep Learning library such as Caffe , Tensorflow, Keras, etc.
  • Experience with big data processing platform such as Hadoop, Spark
  • Experience in making presentation in high level academic conferences